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Office of Outreach and Education

About Us


The Social Justice Peer Educator Program is a student-centered social justice education program within the Office of Outreach and Education. In advancing the mission of the Office of Outreach and Education, alongside WSU’s Drive to 25 goal to provide transformational student experiences, the Social Justice Peer Educator Program seeks to cultivate an inclusive and equitable WSU community through the creation and facilitation of social justice education programs and social justice student leadership development.


  • Provide tools that enable others to challenge inequity and injustice as it manifests in everyday life and on the WSU community
  • Help students to develop critical thinking, critical self-awareness, and compassionate action through interactive education programs
  • Develop leadership tools to advance social justice
  • Enact intersectional and coalitional politics
  • Using a place-conscious approach, connect local social injustices to broader national and global inequality
  • Work toward and model inclusive community-building


Social Justice Peer Educators are committed to:

Inclusive Excellence: An understanding that the success of WSU, the Office of Outreach and Education, and the Social Justice Peer Educator Program is dependent upon how well they actively and intentionally include, affirm, and engage the diversity within the WSU community.

Social Justice: Increasing awareness of social justice issues and taking action to end systemic inequities based on race, gender identity and expression, sex, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, and dis/ability.

Knowledge: Seeking out new information and perspectives to enhance our personal understanding of the human experience and the challenges impacting marginalized and underserved communities.

Education for Social Change: Recognizing the role of education as an agent in fostering constructive and critical dialogue to promote personal reflection, critical thinking, understanding, collaboration, and learning in order to create a more equitable community

*Mission, vision, goals were co-created with 2017-2018 Social Justice Peer Educators