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Office of Outreach and Education


Request a Social Justice Peer Educator Workshop

Click here to request either a standard or custom Social Justice Peer Educator Workshop. Please give at least 3 weeks notice.

Current Workshops

Power and Privilege (90 Minutes)

In this interactive workshop, participants have an opportunity to explore their own identities, including unique individual characteristics, as well as their social identities, paying particular attention to how these identities shape their beliefs, values, expectations, and perceptions. The workshop introduces the concepts of social location, diversity, identity, intersectionality, and privilege using activities and discussion, and illuminates the importance of understanding one’s own identity, privilege, and social location as essential to challenging injustice.

Identifying and Challenging Microaggressions (75 Minutes)

This interactive workshop will introduce the concept of microaggressions and examine how they operate to reinforce systemic inequality, power, and privilege, while having lasting impacts on individuals. After identifying how microaggressions manifest in everyday situations, the workshop will provide participants the opportunity to put their knowledge into action by strategizing various ways to respond, challenge, or intervene when they witness or experience microaggressions in the future.

Masculinity 101 (75 Minutes)

This workshop aims to give participants necessary background and tools to examine where their ideas of gender and masculinity come from, learn about different masculinities, and develop a critical understanding of their personal relationships with masculinity which shape the relationships individuals have with others and themselves.

Building Inclusive Language (75 Minutes)

This workshop examines the potential of words and language to harm individuals, reinforce exclusionary cultural norms, and re-inscribe structural barriers. Participants will learn how to use inclusive language and terminology that includes “people first” language, and consider the history and often unintentional bias built into offensive and hurtful language.

Custom Workshops (Ex. Cultural Appropriation, Intersectionality, Women's Rights, Culture on Campus, etc.)